Rocky Creek Integrated Medical and Wellness Center is a one-of-a-kind treatment center focused on increasing your quality of life. Our approach is based on the latest therapies and science in integrative medicine.

With decades of experience, our Integrated Medical Team are specialized to best treat your medical needs.

We offer patients all-natural, and customized healthcare solutions that focus on an inside-to-outside philosophy. By blending traditional with our treatment programs are designed to relieve pain while targeting the cause of your distress.

At Rocky Creek Integrated Medical and Wellness Center, our goal is to provide exceptional health care options with an emphasis on patient education. To that end we offer a non-surgical protocol to help avoid total surgery, platelet-rich plasma to accelerate healing and recovery from injury.

Iovera Pain Relief Treatment


Knee Pain


Sexual Wellness

Hormone Therapy

IV Infusions

Diabetes Treatment

Nathan McIntosh, MD

Chief Medical Officer
(MS and FL)

Dr. McIntosh is a dedicated physician with a commitment to provide the highest level of care for all patients. He received his undergraduate and medical degrees as well as residency training for board certification from the University of Mississippi, subsequently to continue educational pursuits in integrative and regenerative medicine. Our vision is to optimize your health and wellness using innovative therapies, education, and a commitment to meet your goals.

Deirdre McMullen, MD

Medical Director

Dr. McMullen is board certified in family medicine and tries to emphasize wellness in her practice while also managing chronic and acute conditions. She provides traditional family medicine including annual physicals, well-woman exams, immunizations, and well-child/ baby services in addition to her cosmetic procedures and weight loss management. From illness to wellness, we hope you will find a home in our patient family. Dr. McMullen resides in Missouri City, TX and is married with two children and six dogs.

  • B.S. Biology, Trinity University, 1992
  • M.D. University of Texas Medical School at Houston, 1996
  • Family Medicine Residency, Memorial Hermann Family Practice Residency Program Finished 1999
  • Board Certified since 1999
  • Member, St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church
  • MDVIP Provider

Rajen Naidoo, MD

Medical Director

Attention to detail and a profound understanding of how the body moves and functions over time enables Dr. Naidoo to help his patients heal from their injuries, improve their quality of life and return to a lifestyle they once enjoyed.

Dr. Naidoo is a physician scientist with a doctorate in Medicine from Yale University and biomedical engineering degrees. His 30 year history in the biosciences with significant research and publications coupled with Orthopedic Surgical training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine uniquely equips him to be a leading clinician today.

Dr. Naidoo collaborates with cutting edge pharmaceutical companies focused on cellular and regenerative medicine as a consultant and also served as Chief Medical Officer of several companies.

Dr. Naidoo is an invited lecturer on cellular therapy at prestigious academic institutions worldwide and educates physicians on cellular therapy as well as host an international scientific Cellular Therapy Conference annually.

After a career teaching orthopedic surgery in NYC at Mt Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Naidoo relocated to Florida and established an orthopedic concierge practice in Palm Beach at which location he takes care of US and international patients with clinics and research labs in Hong Kong, Dubai and Abudhabi. Dr. Naidoo maintains an active Research collaboration at Harvard University at the Dean center for Tick Borne diseases. Dr. Naidoo is the Global Chief Medical officer of World Biotech Inc in Hong Kong and Integrative Medical Health and Wellness Clinics, USA.

Dr. Naidoo is a native of South Africa and in his early years proudly served the revolutionary army of Nelson Mandela in South Africa’s struggle for Freedom.



“So happy !! After suffering for years with hormone imbalances I decided to try BIOTE hormone therapy and WOW !! I received the BIOTE therapy in October 2021. They said it would last 3-4 months. It is February 2022 and I feel amazing. I would recommend this to every woman everywhere. I consider it a life changer.”

Gail T.

Biloxi, MS